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No more anxiety over your outdated (or missing) personal site. Public makes it easy to create an optimized dev portfolio in minutes.

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A personal portfolio site you can't mess up

Public sites are always up-to-date, always attractive, and always load instantly. Build yours in minutes, point your custom domain this way and check off that TODO for good.

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Your personal site loads instantly from a global CDN. Perfect Lighthouse scores guaranteed.

Always Fresh

GitHub stars, video views, latest posts—dynamic data kept up-to-date automatically.

Progressively Enhanced

Lightweight HTML & CSS pages with a sprinkle of JS for lazy-loading assets. No frameworks or client-side rendering.

Make it Yours

Customize your site with optimized fonts and accessible color palettes. You're unique and your personal site should be, too.

Custom Domains

Add your custom domain (for free) and claim your personal slice of the web while building domain authority.

Multiple Pages

Upgrade to a paid plan at any time and create additional pages to meet all of your growing needs.

Put yourself out there.Publish your personal site today.

Single-page sites with a custom domain are free forever. Upgrade later to add more pages and remove the Public branding.

“I have used multiple no-code and low-code tools in the past and always ended up writing my websites myself. Public understands what a software engineer wants to showcase on their portfolio and is excellent at that. It's the new home for my dev profile.”

Boris Tane
Boris Tane
Founder, Baselime

“Public made it dead simple to get up and running with a responsive and beautiful developer site. I created mine in minutes, not hours or days, all without touching a line of code. Impressive stuff!”

Grant McConnaughey
Grant McConnaughey
Founder, Postpone